For advertising screen owners:

With our platform control of your screen becomes easier. Managing a large number of screens is no more a problem!

Provide your customers a detailed analytics and keep your expenses under control.

All you need is to open TeleDS signage platform, upload content and customize it according to customer requirements.

TeleDS can be fully adjusted to your brand.

Your logo will be displayed when you turn on the screen, reset it or download content.

The owners of ad platforms will get the most effective tools to promote and grow their business.

Real time

TeleDS reporting system displays relevant information in real time.


TeleDS platform gets as much information about each impression as possible.

of the screens

All screens will use your logo.

For small business:

Build your own digital signage. Manage screens easily and quickly!

If you are looking for an easy way to create and manage screens, this solution is for you.

Login TeleDS signage platform, upload content and customize it according to your requirements.

Manage digital signage easily!

Even without technical knowledge, you can use the software and take full control of all digital signage.

Upload images, videos and even web pages.

You can easily upload apps with such dynamic content like restaurant menu, weather forecasts or RSS news.


Creating playlists for your content is simple.


TeleDS player can be used on your own devices.

in real time

Create dynamic content using apps. Weather forecast, realtime clock, RSS news, YouTube videos, Facebook posts, directory templates and more!